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pr as a key strategy

PR, a key strategy

Getting earned coverage in the media is the perfect way to increase awareness. But not only that, this strategy supports the rest of your brand’s marketing, communication and social media actions. In this beautiful garden, appearing in the media becomes the water that irrigates everything else. And in this post you will discover what we mean.

Throughout the post you will understand how PR complements the rest of the actions you carry out and, at the end, you will find a tip on how to be inspired to propose a topic to a journalist to appear in his media.


How to expand your marketing, communication and social media strategies

Media coverage is the basis. In fact, we compare it to the water and fertilizer that irrigates a beautiful garden and helps all the vegetation to grow and spread with its help. To see it a little clearer, let us make the comparison here:

  • The ground. The base, your branding, which is everything you work on at the beginning. When you conceptualize your brand and turn it over to a web page. Before you start watering you have to have this part ready.
  • The grass, where people move freely and is always there, like social networks. Being in the media will bring more people to this lawn. And sharing on social networks that you have appeared in the media will give more confidence to those who follow you on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Seasonal flowers, which help you quickly decorate the garden, such as digital campaigns. You can enhance many of these campaigns if you communicate them correctly, without it looking like advertising.
  • Shrubs are all medium to long-term strategies, like SEO. They take time and you have to shape them until little by little you get it to be what you are looking for and attract attention. And when a digital media publishes an article about your brand and includes the link, it is helping you with SEO.
  • Trees take a lot of time and effort to grow, right? Well, they are the conferences and presentations, those that come when you are already a reference and well-known in the sector. Media coverage helps you to be a benchmark in the sector and will make it easier for you to reach this point of being a speaker.


Getting earned coverage is the water and fertilizer that helps to grow and expand all the strategies that you implement in your garden of marketing, communication and social media


Tip to be inspired with PR actions

We want to share a tip that is as simple as possible if you find yourself out of ideas in the process of thinking about topics to propose to a journalist: check and read the media outlet in which you want to appear. It sounds obvious, but sometimes the simplest things escape us.

Some time ago we applied it ourselves. We wanted to appear in TopComunicación, a reference media in Public Relations and Communication. We went to see what articles they published and found a section called «Ideas: Creativity in Communication» where they presented success stories of brands that had opted for a specific type of communication.

After reading this, we were clear. We wanted to make a press release with a list of funny situations in communication agencies, like ours. Looking to make other professionals like us smile (not to sell!). The result: that press release was collected by both that outlet and another called PR Noticias, the two main communication media.

real marketing y comunicación salir en medios motivo turismo
Real Marketing y Comunicación coverage on the main PR media


Remember we can help your brand’s awareness with PR activities in the Spanish market. We would love to ear from you.

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