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Benefits of a Tourism Representation agency in Spain

If you work in a tourism board or DMO, you know that an agency offering tourism representation in Spain could bring you some benefits. Targeting a market without your own office there or opening a new market could be a great challenge. But if experts accompany you, everything is much easier. 

The founder team at Real has a huge experience working for destinations such as Jordan,  Thailand, Costa Rica, Japan, Tokyo, South Africa and Ibiza, to name a few among the 15 destinations in their credentials.


Benefits you can have counting on a tourism representation agency

You can find these benefits in the section about our service including several packages for destinations. We highlight 6 of them:

  • Strengthen your position – Cultivate real and lasting relationships with the sector’s big names and you can enjoy more credibility and a stronger reputation.
  • Understand the market – Get your finger on the market’s pulse and learn what’s happening and why so you can make the best decisions for your destination every time.
  • Increase visits – Form strategic alliances that will bring more tourists to your destinations with specific initiatives throughout the year.
  • Add other goals – Develop secondary objectives like increasing spend per tourist or drawing in visitors from more places and see the results.
  • Act fast – Work quickly when it comes to putting on events, exhibitions or workshops to strengthen ties within the Spanish tourism sector.
  • Your Real team – Having representation will set you apart from other destinations and we can work together to make sure your destination is on people’s minds.



tourism representation in spain
PR and trade sales calls in Fitur 2022 for Jordan Tourism Board


Activities to target the Spanish market

Knowing the market allows you, or your tourism representation agency in Spain, to better select the activities for each objective. The main activities requested are:

  • Regular e-newsletters to the trade: TO and TA / OTA
  • Sales calls or visits 
  • Training in different formats
  • Fam Trips 
  • Co-marketing or Co-branding campaigns 
  • Market analysis reports
  • Catalogue’s audit
  • Participation in trade shows like Fitur 

Apart from those services 100% focused on the trade contacts, it is important to add other services like PR or influencer’s marketing in order to boost the awareness of a destination in the Spanish market.  

Jordan Tourism Board and Real team at Fitur 2022
Jordan Tourism Board and Real team at Fitur 2022

Spain’s main figures about travel

Apart from the trade and its behavior regarding marketing activities, it is also important to know how Spaniards travel, when, with who, budget, etc. as well as some last news like the main outbound destinations for Spaniards. All this type of information, along with the main macroeconomic data to understand the market, such as the average salary or the unemployment rate, is included in our Spanish market overview. A brief document including key figures for a tourism board or DMO to know a bit more about Spain. In case you want us to share it with you, do not hesitate in contacting us. We would be happy to assist. 


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